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Cadbury Fruit & Nut 
Posted: 25 February 2011    3.5 
Cadbury Fruit & Nut The dairy milk chocolate is too sweet, gritty, and cheap. The fruit & nuts were chopped so tiny and their quantity tasted insubstantial. This is like a samosa with a cheap wrapping filled with practically nothing.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.016   Cocoa %: 24  Size: 160g  Indian chocolate 

*Estimated cocoa solid content

India.  Land of curry, spices, silk.  But land of chocolate delights?  You've probably never heard that before.

I spent a long time in India smack in the mid 1990's, over a year on my clock, and Cadbury (India) bars regularly figured into my diet.   A dahl, naan, and Cadbury bar were my staples.  Cadbury had the largest chunk of the market and still does, at over 70%. I'm sure when India was finally granted independence from Britain in 1947, Nehru, Patel, Mountbatten, and Gandhi were munching on Cadbury bars. 

Cadbury India set up formal shop in 1948 strictly as an import operation.  Cocoa began to be cultivated by Cadbury in India in 1965.  By 2015, Cadbury India wants to source all its beans in the Indian market.  The current 30% import duty on cocoa is a real drag.  All these initiatives sound noble.  Local cocoa production.  From bean to bar all in India.  It's just too bad the products suck, probably because Indians don't traditionally eat chocolate and their overall standard of 'good' isn't that good. 

I didn't realize how bad Cadbury (India) was until I flew directly from Bombay to Nairobi, Kenya in June 1996.  On Sunday evening, I was dining on Cadbury India; on Monday morning, Cadbury Kenya.  Back then, the two country's bars came in identical sized packaging, but the tastes were not similar.  Cadbury Kenya remained some of the finest in the Cadbury line until the Kenyan factory was shuttered in 2010 as part of Cadbury-owner Kraft's efforts at low profile restructuring. Production was focused in South Africa, and Kenya imported its chocolates from there and Egypt. 

I had another chance to grasp how bad Cadbury India's products were when I performed a taste test comparing Cadbury's from 5 (and eventually 7) different nations.  Only I knew which nation's bars each participant was sampling.  Cadbury India uniformally scored at the bottom.  The verdict:  India should stick to masala dosas.

And just last week, I had my third chance to appreciate Cadbury India's inferior tastes.  An Australian friend of mine was leaving India and stopping in Thailand for a few days to visit before heading home.  Was there anything I wanted?   Well, I didn't truly want any more Cadbury India bars in my mouth, but I felt it was necessary to re-review them, on their own, and see how they stacked up against the wider chocolate tasting samples that have featured on Doug's Chocolate Republic.  If anything, they were worse than I remembered from the taste test over a year ago.

78% of this bar is listed as milk chocolate (17.1% of that is milk solids) and the other 22% is the fruit & the nuts, consisting of raisins (11.9%), cashew nuts (6.7%), and apricot kernels (3.4%).   Besides the different tasting chocolate, the fruit & nut combo here makes this a very different fruit & nut bar to the Australian version previously reviewed. Down Under, there are no apricots and the nuts are almonds, not cashew nuts. 

Here's the problem with this bar in a nutshell (and a fruit peel).  The dairy milk chocolate is too sweet, gritty, and cheap.  I may be erring on the side of generosity when I estimate 24% cocoa solids on this one.  The fruit & nuts were chopped so tiny and their quantity tasted insubstantial.  This is like a samosa with a cheap wrapping filled with practically nothing. 

When I was in India a decade-and-a-half ago, I noticed that the country manufactured many of the things I was familiar with in the West, under license. The resultant products were cheaper and usually inferior to the originals. Cadbury India, with this fruit & nut bar, continues with that longstanding tradition of Western branded locally made mediocrity.

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  Cadbury makes milk chocolate in India under the name Fruit & Nut. Try their Fruit and Nut. Fruit and Nut is true Indian chocolate by Chocolate Republic standards. Talk to Doug at Doug's Republic.