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Cadbury Silk Fruit & Nut 
Posted: 25 February 2011    5.0 
Cadbury Silk Fruit & Nut The Silk Fruit & Nut does taste smoother than the silkless Fruit & Nut.  It is better, no doubt, the best Cadbury India bar I've yet tasted. Cadbury India's products are subpar. Silk raises that level from subpar to average.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.016  Cocoa %: 24*  Size: 69g  Indian chocolate 

*Estimated cocoa solid content

Thailand is famous for its silk.   So is India.  But never would I have imagined that Cadbury India was going to try to make a name for itself with silk, too.  Well, silky smooth Indian chocolate.

The Cadbury silk range is new.  It was only introduced in January 2009, developed specially for the Indian consumer.   Three types exist at present:  Silk Roast Almond, Silk Dairy Milk, and Silk Fruit & Nut.  Sanjay Purohit, Executive Director of Marketing for Cadbury India says that the Silk brand has been formulated to cater for Indian consumers craving smoother, creamier, and finer milk chocolate. The Silk range appears to be Cadbury India's bid to encourage the Indian affluent who can actually afford chocolate to finally buy locally made ones.  Per gram, the Silk clocks in at the same price as the normal Cadbury, something I found very surprising indeed.

The bar came wrapped with an explanation of Cadbury India's silky smooth taste, which bears repeating to understand Silk's objectives

At Cadbury, it has been a constant endeavour to make the chocolate experience exceedingly rewarding.  Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is a child of such an endeavour.  And we proudly invite you to be a part of the wonderful 'Silk' experience.  Although Silk comes from the world of Dairy Milk, it does display a few notable differences.  A cube of Silk is visibly dome shaped in to fit snugly in your mouth.  These contours of the cube ensure that the fine, silken texture and creaminess of Silk never go unnoticed.  And when the finest chocolate spreads to every corner of your mouth, caressing your senses along the way, we would have succeeded in enhancing your Cadbury Dairy Milk experience.     

The outside wrapper reads that the bar has "the finest ground cocoa, rich creamy texture along with the mouth-feel of the smooth chocolate drape."  I've never put chocolate drapes in my mouth to know if that's true.  Interestingly, the bar has less of a fruit & nut mix than the non-Silk version.  It didn't matter.  The Silk Fruit & Nut does taste smoother than the silkless Fruit & Nut. 

It is better, no doubt, the best Cadbury India bar I've yet tasted.  Cadbury India's products are subpar.  Silk raises that level from subpar to average.  Were I in India and required a chocolate fix, I would reach for the Silk range -- only the Silk range.   Cadbury India still has a lot of work ahead of it before it can boast of quality without breaking into laughter.  This Silk Fruit & Nut shows that hope may be just on the horizon.

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  Cadbury makes milk chocolate in India under the name Silk Fruit & Nut. Try their Silk Fruit and Nut, so smooth. Silk Fruit and Nut is true Indian chocolate by Chocolate Republic standards. Talk to Doug at Doug's Republic.