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Cadbury Macadamia 
Posted: 8 March 2011   7.0 
Cadbury Macadamia There's not much to be said about this tasty bar that I haven't said elsewhere. The Macadamia uses the same sweetish Dairy Milk blend as all other Cadbury Australia bars. The bar breaks no new ground whatsoever.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.016   Cocoa %: 26  Size: 200g  Australian chocolate 

Another Cadbury bar resurfaces on the Republic.  Hey, it was bound to happen.  With so many Cadbury-producing nations out there, I could taste a half dozen Cadbury Macadamia bars and not have tried them all. 

This Cadbury tasting was unusual in that I did not have a friend from Australia bring it over or mail it to me.  Quite recently, the local import market in town has been bringing in five Cadbury Australia bars.  They aren't cheap and sell for double the price per gram I list here.  (I try to list the price/gram on the Republic that the bar would sell for in its key markets).  The Cadbury Australia bars, in 100 gram and 200 gram sizes, have taken over the shelf space of some more boutique niche brands which I guess weren't selling very well.  My girlfriend, knowing my affinity for Cadbury Australia and herself having a deep love for macadamia nuts, picked this one up. 

There's not much to be said about this tasty bar that I haven't said elsewhere.  The Macadamia uses the same sweetish Dairy Milk blend as all other Cadbury Australia bars.  Cocoa solids clock in at 26%, acceptable for a big brand bar, milk solids at 28%.  The macadamia nut is only 12%. I may have called that skimpy, but one of Cadbury's key competitors in both the Australian and New Zealand markets is Whittaker's, and they only use 13%.     

The bar breaks no new ground whatsoever.  The macadamias aren't roasted with some special proprietary process which brings out greater flavors.  The chocolate isn't organic.   It's a rather simple call.  If you think Cadbury Australia produces decent enough milk chocolate and you like macadamia nuts, the bar's a no-brainer, a solid hitter, but not a home rung king.  You won't munch away unsatisfied or be taken to new dimensions of taste excitement. 

Cadbury in Australia again proves its ability to produce cost-effective but not innovative chocolate. 

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  Cadbury makes milk chocolate in Australia under the name Macadamia. Try their Macadamia. Macadamia is true Australian chocolate by Chocolate Republic standards. Talk to Doug at Doug's Republic.