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Carrefour Extra Dark 80% 
Posted: 05 May 2011    7.5 
Carrefour Extra Dark 80% Remarkably, this Bouquet D'Or bar tastes like it came from the same factory as the Barry Callebaut 70% one. While high in cacao, the flavor on this one isn't supremely bitter. The crisp 80% chunks meet the palate with ease.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.021   Cocoa %: 80  Size: 100g   

No one, least of all me, expected a French hypermarket chain to be marketing decent chocolate. Up till now, I thought the very average Ritter Sport bars were the best deals going for a European-made chocolate bar. Carrefour easily usurps Ritter's very shaky throne. The Carrefour bars are 20% cheaper and taste more than 20% better.

The Carrefour Bio bar was manufactured in France by Bouquet D'Or.  The Carrefour Extra Dark (70%), looking very similar to this one, was manufactured in Germany by Barry Callebaut.   I'd preferred the German manufacturer to the French one and counted on another magnificent cost-effective feed with 80% cocoas instead of 70%.  I was surprised to see that, despite the similarities in appearance to Barry Callebaut's Carrefour Extra Dark (70%) creation, this Extra Dark (80%) has been handed back to Bouquet D'Or for their French chocolate expertise. This appeared a strange moved indeed unless it's Carrefour's hedge against one of the two companies failing as a contractor.          

Remarkably, this Bouquet D'Or bar tastes like it came from the same factory as the Barry Callebaut 70% one.  While high in cacao, the flavor on this one isn't supremely bitter.  The crisp 80% chunks greet the palate with ease.  What's missing from this bar compared to the 70% is the bits of bean that my mouth pleasantly intersected with every second or third bite.   Considering this bar is made from a different manufacturer, the back wrapper still boasts, verbatim, that one can taste the fruity notes of the intense African cacaos and then goes on to say that the 80% creation reveals all the savoriness and bitterness of cacao beans that true amateurs of dark chocolate will be able to appreciate.        

80% is a lot of cacao for the average man to handle, and he knows it.  That's why he sticks to his milk chocolates.  At these retail prices, Carrefour is banking Mr. Average will stop making excuses and try a bar.  Carrefour has done their part by contracting the manufacturing to trusted chocolate hands and selling it at prices that can make brands sold in a 7-11 store look expensive by comparison.  In a tough economy and with chocolate urges which need satiating, Mr. Average will get around to trying this bar and should eventually learn to embrace it.        

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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 Carrefour from France makes dark chocolate that is extra dark and they call it the Extra Noir. Do you like dark chocolate? Do you like Carrefour from France? Bouquet D'Or is at the forefront of French chocolate and makes this bar for Carrefour. See chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic