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Villars Dark Chocolate 
Posted: 8 July 2011    7.5 
Villars Dark Villars continues to meet an acceptable Swiss-level standard with this dark. By not making any bold moves, which would be out of Villars' character, the company has assured that even dark pessimists might actually be able to tolerate this one.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.03   Cocoa %: 75  Size: 50g  Swiss chocolate 

I was at the import supermarket late last night to pick up a few Beer Laos.  I usually make it a point to browse past the chocolate aisle to see if there's anything that I haven't tried yet and which excites me.  One of my burdens in the Chocolate Republic is that I have to sometimes try chocolate bars I am pretty certain will not be very good.   Pretty certain, however, is not absolutely certain, so I have to bite the bullet and buy a bar to know beyond doubt.  

There are moments, like last night, when I want to buy a familiar bar that I've rated highly in the past.  The import supermarket is now importing Cadbury Australia bars.  The rum and raisin isn't there, but there are cashew nut bars, macademia nuts, hazelnuts.  Those would have all been familiar and suitable tastes.  But no, I stopped myself.  I'd read that after age 30, the average man loses half a pound of muscle mass per year and gains a pound of fat.  I've recently resumed going to the gym regularly.  If I was going to ingest the calories in one hundred grams of chocolate, it had better be for a bar I'd never yet sampled.

Villars caught my eye, namely because it was one of the few brands offering 50 gram bars for almost exactly the same price per gram as a 100 gram bar.  This allowed me to spread the 100 grams over two different bars and add two new entries to the chocolate republic.  The 50g bars are part of what Villars calls their snacking range, which comes in only four flavors at present: milk, dark, milk with coffee chips, and dark with coffee chips.

The first bar I opened was this one, the Villars Dark Chocolate, containing 72% cocoa solids.  In the chocolate tasting universe, I consider 70% the breaking point.  Less than this, it's possible for inferior manufacturers to still fool you with a decent bar.  By 70%, with only 30% left to play with, the manufacturers have fewer tricks to pull out of their bag, and you can start to see cracks in their facade if they don't have what it takes.  I believe this is why you see few 80%+ bars on the market.   The poseurs can't execute at that level.

Villars can.  Looking at the bar's cover, you get a sense that the bar will have a creaminess to it.  The Thai label listed the cocoa mass at 65.5% and the cocoa butter content at 9% (total = almost 75%).  Pulling off a smooth and creamy dark chocolate bar with that kind of cocoa solid content is an accomplishment indeed.     

When I tried the Villars praline bar some time ago, I remarked that the bar wasn't superb, didn't set off any fireworks in my brain, but at the same time, it set a benchmark for what a Swiss bar was like.  I'd wager that if most people were presented a guarantee that no chocolate bar they ever tried from hereon out would taste better or worse than a Villars, they'd accept that deal.  Villars continues to meet that acceptable Swiss-level standard with this dark.  By not making any bold moves, which would be out of Villars' character, the company has assured that even dark pessimists might actually be able to tolerate this one.     

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  Fribourg in Switzerland is home of the Villars company, makers of adequate Swiss chocolate. The Swss Villars Dark Chocolate is found worldwide. Recently Doug tried the Villars dark chocolate. The chocolate republic welcomed Villars milk chocolate in and Doug of Doug's Republic said it was okay