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Cadbury Old Gold Peppermint
Posted: 11 July 2011    7.0 
Cadbury Old Gold Peppermint The peppermint filling, while certainly artificial, saves this Old Gold bar from another loser certification. The soft peppermint filling isn't too sweet and overcompensates for the mediocre chocolate which encapsulates it.  Old Gold Peppermint is worth its weight in some kind of low quality abundant metal.  
Avg price/gram: USD 0.015   Cocoa %: 45  Size: 220g  Australian chocolate 

Just a few weeks ago, I had the displeasure of reviewing Cadbury's Old Gold.   The story Cadbury has brainwashed the public to believe is that this bar is worth its weight in gold.   After a series of marketing blunders in Australia and New Zealand, cheapening their dairy milk recipe with inferior ingredients and shrinking the size without reducing the price, then insisting they did it all for the customers' enjoyment, Cadbury could insert real gold in each of their bars and people would still feel skeptical.     

Let's call a spade a spade.  Cadbury Old Gold is a loser.  It's not dark chocolate by any serious definition of the word.  Bittersweet is about the best you could say about it.  I wouldn't go within a spade's length of Old Gold ever again.  I would, however, consider going within a shovel's length so I could bury it.    

Saying that, the Old Gold blend in some form does seem to work as long as it's in combination with other fillings.  A lower intensity OldCadbury Whittaker's Gold, at 37% cocoa solids, works wonders in the Rum and Raisin.  So when this Old Gold Peppermint bar arrived on my doorstep, sent from New Zealand by a secret admirer there who would only identify herself as Hilda Z, I didn't send it directly to the trash bin.  

Prior to starting the Chocolate Republic, I wasn't much of a peppermint fan in my chocolate. I like peppermint candy cane sticks and peppermint treats.  I like peppermint oil in my tea.   I like my wife's body smelling of peppermint.  But peppermint in chocolate wasn't anything I looked forward to.  I realize now that it was all the negative brainwashing as a child, eating sweetish and artificial peppermint and peppermint fillings in inferior chocolates.  On the Chocolate Republic, I've come across many a decent chocolate-peppermint combo, and as an after dinner treat, it's hard to beat.  So I didn't go into this tasting with ultra negative impressions.   Sure, I knew the chocolate was a dud, but in concert with the right mix of peppermint fondant, the bar as a whole could emerge a winner.     

Cadbury AustraliaBy now, we're all familiar with Cadbury's con games.   The back of the wrapper listed dark chocolate (70%) as the first ingredient, and Hilda's accompanied note specified, besides a lot of x-rated phrases I won't repeat here, how much she desired smothering the melted Old Gold 70% cocoa solids all over my naked body.  Poor Hilda, I'm afraid, had been conned.  The 70% on the back of the bar meant that 70% of the contents were the dark chocolate, while the remaining 30% was the peppermint.  It was probably meant to mislead the buyer into believing the bar contained 70% cocoa solids, the range of solids any really serious dark bar would contain.  You had to read to the end of the ingredient listings to finally realize that this bar contained just 45% cocoa solids.   Even if I were willing to let Hilda Z smother cocoa solids all over my body and lick them off, I would insist they be at least 70% in content.

Indeed, the peppermint filling, while certainly artificial -- I didn't see peppermint oil on the ingredients -- saves this Old Gold bar from another loser certification. The soft peppermint filling isn't too sweet and overcompensates for the mediocre chocolate which encapsulates it. Cadbury isn't hitting anything near a home run with this bar, but it's an acceptable base hit, and enough base hits still lead to a run eventually.  

Old Gold Peppermint is worth its weight in some kind of low quality abundant metal, maybe a cheap metal oxide or inferior sort of lead.  I'll let you know when I find out.  

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  Cadbury makes dark chocolate in Australia under the Old Gold label. Is Old Gold Peppermint worth its weight in Gold? Old Gold isnt truly dark chocolate, not by Chocolate Republic standards. Talk to Doug at Doug's Republic.