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Whittaker's Ghana Peppermint 
Posted: 11 July 2011    8.0 
Whittaker Ghana Peppermint Whittaker's didn't skimp, using generous amounts of peppermint oil.  Peppermint fondant makes the Dark Ghana chocolate palatable. I'll go further. Its sweetness highlights how good the Dark Ghana is -- as a supporting player.   
Avg price/gram: USD 0.018   Cocoa %: 72  Size: 250g  New Zealand chocolate 

Whittaker's Ghana PeppermintWhen Hilda Z mailed me a Cadbury Old Gold Peppermint from a post office in New Zealand, thinking the Cadbury was 70% cocoa solids, she also included another peppermint bar, this one actually made in New Zealand and this one actually containing around 70% cocoa solids.  She mentioned a few rather profane things she wanted to do with me (with and without the use of chocolate as aids).  The most sensible thing in her note was that she wanted me to compare the Aussie-made multinational peppermint bar with the "old-fashioned goodness" of Kiwi Land.  I think she was really trying to sell herself!

No debate about it.  I did owe her that comparison.  Whenever a fan mails me a bar and requests me to do something (non x-rated) with it, I will.      

The Whittaker's Ghana Peppermint is made with Whittaker's darkest range of chocolate, their 72% cocoa solids.   Stuffed into each block is peppermint fondant made from real peppermint oil.  36% of the bar is composed of the fondant. 

Whittaker's best selling bar back in New Zealand is their 72% Dark Ghana, which I thought surprising.   When I reviewed the bar, I found it far too bitter, much more so than other 70% range bars I've tried. I found their Dark Cacao (62%) to be slightly better, and their bittersweet Dark Block (47%) to be even better. [Note; since writing those other reviews, the Dark Block has been changed to 50%]

Although I wasn't in love with Whittaker's Dark Ghana solo, I knew the Ghana Peppermint bar could still be a winner.  Bendicks Bittermints use 95% cocoa solids on the outside.  The chocolate is only edible with the peppermint inside.  Peppermint could be just what the doctor ordered.   I wasn't in raptures over Whittaker's Dark Cacao.  When that same dark chocolate was combined with almonds, I loved it.       

Cadbury Whittaker'sWhether that hypothesis proved true for the Dark Ghana combined with peppermint filling rested on the quality of the peppermint Whittaker's used.  Whittaker's didn't skimp, using generous amounts of peppermint oil.  I could tell because after a few bites, my throat felt that soothing sensation you get from ingesting real peppermint.  Peppermint as an herb is not hard to grow, and it's not expensive, so why Cadbury would skimp on the oil in its Old Gold Peppermint must be another example of a corporatocracy acting penny wise and pound foolish.  Another Cadbury mistake is using their 45% cocoa solid Old Gold "dark" with their peppermint when key competitors like Nestle are proving 70% rules with the mint.  Cadbury Old Gold has a real 70% bar, not one that just misleads the consumer by listing 70% in the ingredients next to dark chocolate as the percentage of the bar composed of chocolate. 

Peppermint fondant makes the Dark Ghana chocolate palatable. I'll go further.  Its sweetness highlights how good the Dark Ghana is -- as a supporting player. There's nothing new with that revelation.   Matt LeBlanc as an actor worked fine as a supporting ensemble player in the cast of Friends.  When he was pushed front row and center with his own show Joey, it was too much.   The Ghana Peppermint is a Friendly bar, and Dark Ghana as an actor can go far if it performs with a quality team of supporting players.  

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  Whittaker makes dark stuff like dark chocolate with 72% cacao in New Zealand. It's New Zealand chocolate through and through. Taste Ghana peppermint. Enjoy it. Go to Ghana. Come to the Chocolate Republic with Doug of Doug's Republic