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Frey Raisins Hazelnuts and Almonds 
Posted: 18 July 2011    4.5 
Frey Raisins Hazelnuts and Almonds It's an average to slightly below average bar. You eat it and you forget about it. In my case, I would've loved to forget about it but couldn't. Based on its hyped up Swiss status, its mediocrity stuck with me.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.022   Cocoa %: 31  Size: 100g  Swiss chocolate 

I'm sure you've heard the saying over and over again that some people never learn.  I would like to fancy that I'm not one of those people, that I do learn from my mistakes, and do my best to not make the same ones again.       

That is why the ratings on the Chocolate Republic, as of this writing, skew higher.  A lot of the Small Guys who should be mailing me samples of their chocolate bars aren't.  At some point, they will, and when that happens, I still tend to think reviews will skew high because chocolate manufacturers who know they make garbage value and/or lousy chocolate won't dare send me a bar.  It will be the manufacturers with complete faith in their products who will be happy to be reviewed, and that chocolate will usually be the one with nothing to hide.       

Being in Thailand, I am limited with the brands I can select, so much of the time I choose a new variety of a trusted brand, just like you would as a consumer.  I know this is a cop out, so from time to time, I force myself to make a mistake again, to re-try a different type of bar from a brand that didn't impress me the first time around.   Welcome again to Frey.         

Frey boasts on their labels that they're #1 in Switzerland.  They ain't lying.  Frey is the #1 domestic producer of chocolate in Switzerland.   Big doesn't mean better.  Budweiser is the #1 beer producer in the U.S.  Even they wouldn't be so comical to say they're the best.  Frey conducts much of its sales through private label branding.  Those store brands are, I am certain, mediocre, too, but stores can brag that they have an inexpensive in-house, Swiss-made brand. 

Impressive is that Frey uses 31% cocoa solids in a bar I picked up at 7-11.  31% is well on the higher side for quickie stop chocolate.  What's not impressive is the taste given the 31% cocoa solids.  I initially misread the label and saw "20% minimum in chocolate," thinking that there was only 20% cocoa solids.  Biting into this bar, you could believe it only had 20%.   That 20% actually applies to the milk solids. 

It's an average to slightly below average bar.  You eat it and you forget about it.  In my case, I would've loved to forget about it but couldn't.   Based on its hyped up Swiss status, its mediocrity stuck with me.  You can get an average (or slightly less than average) amount of hazelnuts, raisins, and almonds.  The chocolate has a Swiss touch with no embellishments.   When the last bite has been consumed, no impact has been made.

By that measure, it makes a perfect in-house brand.  In-house brands compete on price.  They have to be of a decent enough quality to get customers to buy them, and that's what Frey is.  It's good enough without being anything better.   I don't know about you, but I want something with personality.  A Korjap bar like Meiji Hi-Milk makes more of a lasting memory than this over the long chocolate haul.  

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  Frey offers milk chocolate. It's Swiss chocolate from Switzerland. It's made with raisins, almonds, hazelnuts. Do you like almonds and hazelnuts? Love the chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic?