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Duc De Praslin Venezuela 43% 
Posted: 24 July 2011    5.0 
Duc De Praslin Venezuela 43% This is not a good bar. It's slightly better than the Costa Rica, but hell, that ain't saying much. The movie Porky's is better than the Swedish movie I saw the other day. That isn't saying much either. The bar was too sweet, too creamy, and not chocolatey enough.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.056   Cocoa %: 38  Size: 45g   

I knew Venezuela had oil reserves.  I had no idea they grew great cacao.   Eating this Venezuela 43%, I still don't know!  

After the disappointing 38% Costa Rica milk chocolate bar from Duc De Praslin, I ripped open this Venezuela 43%.  Gallothai says it has "a strong cocoa taste with an overall impression of roasted beans.  This, combined with a strong accent of nuts, impregnated with vanilla and caramel, results in an exclusive milk chocolate."   Gallothai should have added one more phrase:  exclusively average.       

By this point in time, on my fifth Duc De Praslin bar, I had started to ignore the flowery sounding pseudo wine notes printed on the back wrapper.  The text on the back is meaningless.  Tell me.  What is " a strong cocoa taste with an overall impression of roasted beans"?  All conventional chocolate is made from roasted beans.  That sentence is about as insightful as me writing that Coca Cola has a strong cola taste with an overall impression of kola nuts. Or that banana cake has a strong banana taste with an overall impression of cooked bananas.        

This is not a good bar.   It's slightly better than the Costa Rica, but hell, that ain't saying much.  The movie Porky's is better than the Swedish movie I saw the other day.  That isn't saying much either.  The bar was too sweet, too creamy, and not chocolatey enough.   43% is bittersweet range for many brands.  Cadbury farcically starts calling their chocolates dark by 45%. Duc De Praslin is giving itself a lot of credit calling this a milk chocolate at 43%. Too much credit, once we pull away the facade. 

Chocolate regionsLet me state for the record that this bar doesn't contain 43% cocoa solids any more than it's impregnated with vanilla and caramel. Examining the ingredient listing in both Thai and English, you can clearly see that it's composed of 19% cocoa butter and 19% cocoa mass.   If the U.S. government or the European Union were adding these numbers together, it's quite possible they'd arrive at 43%.   In the mathematical universe in which Leibniz, Newton, Einstein, and you and I live in, that totals 38%, the same as the mediocre Costa Rica bar I just tried. 

This bar has a slightly richer cocoa taste than its Costa Rica relative.  Is it because of the Venezuela beans vs the Costa Rica ones?  I doubt it.  I'd say it's because this bar has a higher cocoa mass content.  In fact, by this point in time, I think the Origins collection is just another sales gimmick.  The whole point behind using beans sourced from different countries is to compare the bean flavors and see how those beans from differing soils, climates, and cultures impact the overall character of the bar.  And yet because Gallothai smothers each bar with sugar -- Thais love everything extra sweet -- and manipulates the cocoa mass and cocoa butter ratio from bar to bar, you can't really assess whether one bar is superior to the other due to the origin country's bean character.  I'd wager if the Costa Rica bar's cocoa solid content was composed of half cocoa mass and half cocoa butter, just like this bar, the taste difference between the Venezuela and Costa Rica would be negligible.     

Duc De Praslin's Origin collection series is a great idea.  Like many great ideas, by the time it actually reaches its final form, you wonder why it was ever such a great idea. Pick up a Venezuelan girl, not this bar.  

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