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Theo Coconut Curry  
Posted:  13 October 2011    8.5 
Theo Coconut Curry Thai, Indian, Sri Lankan -- who cares what kind of coconut curry this is? The resultant combo is phenomenal. Theo's expertly-made but unmemorable milk chocolate works well in the background for this fascinating array of flavors.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.057   Cocoa %: 45  Size: 57g   

When my friend Burma Mike arrived in Thailand bearing 29 different American chocolate bars, all from West Coast states, I was in raptures.  The Chocolate Republic was becoming sterile with the offerings I have available to me in Thailand.  There is choice, but it's all mainstream multinational stuff, mostly Swiss with some French and German.       

Theo was one of the Washington state brands he brought over which I'd never head of prior.  Why would I have heard of it?  I've never been to Washington. And even if I had been there, Theo's inaugural chocolate run was in March 2006, five months after I last set foot in the USA. Theo wouldn't have been in existence had I been to Washington in the past.

Theo strikes me as such an ethical operation that when I reviewed their Milk Chocolate, I felt like an unappreciative father telling his child, who just served him breakfast in bed, that the breakfast sucked.  The little kid is so aiming to please, but the cereal he brought to the bed was soggy, the pancakes burnt, and the eggs runny.  Sincere effort may count in grade school, but that effort, if it doesn't translate into sublime tastes, won't win extra credit points in the Chocolate Republic.     

This Theo Coconut Curry bar seduced me the first time I set eyes on it.  The imagery on the wrapper evokes Thailand.  This is the kind of bar a Thai chocophile should've invented, fusing local Thai tastes with age-old European chocolate making techniques.  Since Thailand has yet to even come up with an indigenous chocolate operation worthy of international appeal, I think we'll be waiting a long, long while before Thai homegrown curry bars hit the shelves.

The coconut curry flavor is composed of toasted coconut and yellow curry powder.  The organic yellow curry powder is itself a collection of various spices:  coriander, tumeric, mustard, cumin, fenugreek, paprika, red pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.  Sounds more like an Indian curry, doesn't it?  We shouldn't be holding our breaths for an Indian chocophile to come up with a creation like this either.  India's currently putting out a version of Cadbury that requires having your stomach pumped afterwards.

Stop with semantics.  Thai, Indian, Sri Lankan -- who cares what kind of coconut curry this is?  The resultant combo is phenomenal.  Theo's expertly-made but unmemorable milk chocolate works well in the background for this fascinating array of flavors. Were cheap and shoddy chocolate used with the same spices, it would draw attention away from them.  But as the milk chocolate holds its own, we focus only on the power of the curry combo. 

I wonder if this one would go well with a plate of rice.

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  chocolate in Washington is Theo. Drink milk? Like milk chocolate? This is American chocolate made organic with coconut curry flavor.