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Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Chile Variado 
Posted: 18 November 2011    7.5 
Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Chile Variado Moonstruck's bar has the right amount of chili to blend with the dark chocolate base. Moonstruck makes sure you know it's there without burning the inside of your mouth out.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.05   Cocoa %: 68  Size: 85g   

The Moonstruck Chocolate Company from Portland, Oregon just continues to move from strength to strength.  Their dark bar was merely okay.  Their Mayan bar was fantastic.  So was their milk.  With the company's Dark Chocolate Chile Variado, I was coming full circle, re-sampling the acceptable but unmemorable dark chocolate but with chipotle pepper and ancho pepper added.      

Moonstruck says that "the first bite of Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Chile Variado entices your senses.  Let each nibble melt on your tongue.  Inhale the intoxicating aroma.  The last bite comes far too quickly.  Get the last bite."  For once, the back wrapper didn't lie.  The bar did entice my senses.  I did let each nibble melt on my tongue, and I did inhale the intoxicating aroma.  [Okay, I remained sober].   I haven't yet finished the last bite, but whenever that moment finally comes, it will be far too quickly.   Considering no one else in the family likes dark chocolate or chilis in their chocolate, getting the last bite is no major achievement.    

A month ago, Ladbrokers and myself were putting the money on Theo's Chile.  All organic ingredients, three types of chili, bean-to-bar manufacturing.  Moonstruck's Dark Chocolate Chile Variado wasn't a contender.  In the mouth, however, marketing hype melts away quickly.   Moonstruck's bar has the right amount of chili to blend with the dark chocolate base.  I couldn't taste any sharpness of chili in Theo's version.  Moonstruck makes sure you know it's there without burning the inside of your mouth out.      

Moonstruck as an American chocolate brand grew on me and I now respect it enough that I'd go an hour out of my way on any future trip to Oregon to pay a visit to one of the company's chocolate cafes.  For now I'll head back into my kitchen and grab the last bites.      

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  chocolate in Oregon is Moonstruck which runs many a chocolate cafe. This is American chocolate, dark chocolate in particular from Portland that has chili inside, ancho and chipotle