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Frey Coffee & Cocoa 
Posted: 23 July 2012    6.5 
Frey Coffee & Cocoa from Switzerland In this Coffee & Cocoa bar, Frey uses 30% cocoa solids mixed with 9% cocoa nibs, 2% ground hazelnuts, and 1.8% ground roasted coffee. Frey doesn't overreach with their Coffee & Cocoa bar. I'd say to the contrary that they over deliver.   
Avg price/gram: USD 0.031   Cocoa %: 30  Size: 100g  Swiss chocolate 

If you believe Frey's boasts, it is Switzerland's best selling chocolate.  According to the Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers, this boast is true.  In 2009, Frey had 39% of the Swiss market.  On the back of their chocolate wrappers, they invite the taster to "discover the secret of Switzerland's favorite chocolate."        

It's not such a big secret, and Frey isn't keeping that secret under wraps either.  Frey is #1 because it manufactures private label chocolate for other companies.  The Dutch, Scandinavians, Germans, and Canadians all wolf down on private labels what Frey produces.  The fact that Frey does private-label manufacturing should clue you up that they're not manufacturers of the world's finest chocolate.  Does Apple do private label manufacturing for other computer makers?  Does Bose manufacture speakers for other companies? Does your favorite local pizza parlor bake pizzas for your least favorite local pizza parlor?

Bu then, Frey never claimed to make the best chocolate, did they?  Their claim is that they sell a lot of chocolate, and for such a big player in this price segment, I can't really complain.  Just before I bit into this Coffee & Cocoa bar, I had finished the Amadeo Solo Milk Chocolate with Raisins.  The Polish company manufacturing that bar did the absolute minimum to get the bar classified as milk chocolate according to European Union rules.  The Swiss don't aim that low.  In this Coffee & Cocoa bar, Frey uses 30% cocoa solids -- British chocolates skirt near 20% -- mixed with 9% cocoa nibs, 2% ground hazelnuts, and 1.8% ground roasted coffee.  The 24% milk solids, twice that used by the aspiring Polish manufacturer, give the milk chocolate a very creamy texture.  Combined with the cocoa nibs, roasted coffee, and creamy hazelnuts, you're in for a very guilty pleasure.       

Frey's tiramisu bar was so bad, the Italian government almost cut off diplomatic relations with Switzerland for placing one of Italy's national treasures in a bad light.  Frey doesn't overreach with their Coffee & Cocoa bar.   I'd say to the contrary that they over deliver.  Like many another manufacturer, Frey could've kept the ingredient list at ground coffee and milk chocolate.  The addition of the cocoa nibs and hazelnut pushes a slightly above average chocolate into the more slightly above average category.       

I've had worse coffee for $5 in Korea than the coffee I tasted in Frey's Coffee & Cocoa.  Next time I go to Seoul, I'll bring a few of these with me and avoid all the local coffee shops.             

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  Frey offers milk chocolate. It's Swiss chocolate from Switzerland. It's made with coffee. Do you like coffee? Love the chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic?