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Madecasse 75% Cocoa 
Posted: 1 November 2012    8.5 
Madecasse 75% Cocoa from Madagascar Madecasses's 75% bar doesn't disappoint.  This is premium stuff with no fillers. There's very little bitterness present with a bar containing such a high cocoa solid percentage.   My only criticism: this bar didn't taste all that different from the 70%. 
Avg price/gram: USD 0.079   Cocoa %: 75  Size: 75g   

Madecasse remains an unexpected surprise.   Six months ago, I'd never heard of the brand.  Then Aussie Dave mailed me a Madecasse collection.  Several were eaten, unknowingly, by my father-in-law while I was in China, and I had to re-order the missing bars from a chocolate website and pick them up on a trip back to the US.      

This 75% Cocoa bar, however, was not one of the bars my father-in-law filched.  Aussie Dave never sent me this one.  When I was forced to re-order online, I went ahead and obtained every Madecasse bar I could.       

Madecasses's 75% bar doesn't disappoint.  For once, the back wrapper taster notes, specifying this to be a "bold dark chocolate with hints of dried cherry," actually hold true.  This is premium stuff with no fillers.  The ingredients show cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and natural vanilla.  No "flavors" or mystery preservative added.    There's very little bitterness present with a bar containing such a high cocoa solid percentage.        

Madecasse old labelMadecasse's back wrappers have changed.  Cinagra, another Madgascan chocolate maker, was credited with the manufacturing process before.  Now the back wrappers read "Made in Madagascar by Shahin Cassam Chenai."  I did a search for Shahin and found that he's the self-taught chocolate-maker for Madecasse. Shahin also shows up in the history of Cinagra's chocolates.  Shahin says, "In 2006, I decided to launch the dreamlike project of producing fine chocolate to enlighten and delight the world with one of the most beautiful jewels of our country, the fine cocoa beans of the region of Sambirano."       

Madecasse new labelThose words are almost verbatim to what Madecasse founders Tim McCollum and Brett Beach espouse.  Apparently, Madecasse doesn't really manufacture their own chocolate.  Rather, they are American importers of Cinagra's chocolates, with the Cinagra brand relabeled for the North American market. Cinagra's obvious inputs must have been worrisome to the Madecasse founders, as what is to stop some industrious importer in the US from bringing in Cinagra chocolates directly?  They're obviously the same chocolate -- each block of Cinagra sports the same cacao pod symbol as a block of Madecasse.  Madecasse probably didn't want to continue listing another chocolate manufacturer's name on their labels. 

My only criticism:  Madecasse has bars in the 63%, 70%, 75%, and 80% ranges.  This bar didn't taste all that different from the 70%.  As delicious as it was, by the time I got around to scarfing down this 75%, all the Madecasse bars -- or are they Cinagra's -- were beginning to taste very similar.            

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  Madecasse sells 75% dark chocolate made in Madagascar by Shahin Cassem Chenai. The chocolate republic knows this dark stuff is made by Cinagra for Madecasse.