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Nestle Red Bean Sandwich Kit Kat 
Posted: 31 March 2014    4.0 
Nestle Kit Kat Read Bean Sandwich from Japan The verdict is less than satisfactory. The first bite tasted like a normal Japanese Kit Kat. Moments later, the artificial red bean after taste set in which blunted the taste of the chocolate. I finished the tiny bar feeling I would've been better off eating just a plain Kit Kat.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.035   *Cocoa %: 21  Size: 11.3g   
* Estimated cocoa solid content

With Nestle Japan's Red Bean Sandwich, we journey fully into Japanese territory.   Okay, let's be liberal.  East Asian territory.  I can't think of anywhere else in the world where a chocolate manufacturer would think to offer this up as a flavor.        

To brief the ignorant among you, the ed beans here aren't remotely similar to the red beans commonly found in North American dishes like chili con carne.  Or black beans or pinto beans you eat when dining on Mexican cuisine.  Or the cannellini beans prevalent in Italian cooking.  The red beans of East Asian red bean sandwiches, Azuki beans, are turned into a sweetened paste and used as a stuffing in sweets.  I've yet to actually encounter a read red bean sandwich.  A close equivalent in the Western world based on usage might be custard cream.       

I first became acquainted with red bean filling when I'd visit the large Asian-American West Coast supermarket chain 99 Ranch Market.  On my way out, I'd regularly stop and get a steamed bun filled with red bean paste. I grew to enjoy them.  In Thailand, red bean treats are quite common due to the heavy Chinese influence on Thai cooking and sweets.             

So it was no big leap for me to dig into Nestle's Kit Kat Red Bean Sandwich. The verdict is less than satisfactory.  The first bite tasted like a normal Japanese Kit Kat.  Moments later, the artificial red bean aftertaste set in which blunted the flavor of the chocolate.  I finished the tiny bar feeling I would've been better off eating just a plain Kit Kat.          

A red bean sandwich is just a hard flavor to pull off acceptably.  As I pray I explained in detail  already, red bean paste is used as a filling.  You don't eat it on its own.  It serves to sweeten the pastry which surrounds it.  How do you create a flavor which both encompasses the flavor and texture of the filling as well as the outer coating?    To truly create a Red Bean Sandwich flavor, Nestle Japan would have needed to surround the red-bean infused chocolate with some kind of thin breading.  The wafers didn't alone didn't bring out this texture and flavor combination.  What you're left with is red-bean paste flavored chocolate surrounding a Kit Kat.   Still excited, if you ever were to begin with?  

Visit your local Chinatown and purchase some red bean paste.  Smear it between two pieces of whole wheat toast and enjoy your Red Bean Sandwich that way.  It'll be cheaper besides.               

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