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Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit 
Posted: 4 June 2014    6.5 
Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit from Germany The bar is what it says it is: a square-shaped shortbread biscuit baked in butter surrounded on all sides by Ritter Sport's usual 30% milk chocolate blend. This bar is one of those combinations totaling more than the sum of its individual parts. 1 + 1 really equals 3 here.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.023   Cocoa %: 30  Size: 16.7g  German chocolate 

It has been several years since Ritter Sport's "premium" bars have graced my taste buds or the pages of the Chocolate Republic.  That is no personal slam against Ritter Sport.  At least by the pricing standards here in Thailand, Ritter Sport bars are priced quite fairly for the quality they provide.  Compared to most of the Southeast Asian-made stuff glimmering on the shelves of my local 7 11 or Family Mart, Ritter Sport bars deliver better taste and consistency for the same price per gram.  You still wind up spending more money.  The Ritter Sport bars come packaged in larger sizes.       

Well, normally they do. My wife was shopping at the local gourmet store, filling up the cart with various types of junk food for one of her non-caloric weekend junk food binges. She is amazing.  She gains no weight, no matter how much is purchased, because her son and I are the ones who eat the tasty garbage she buys.  Among the treats was a pack of ten miniature Ritter Sport bars, each 16.67 grams in size, for the equivalent of $3.  At those prices, that ten pack was cheaper per gram than the typical 100 gram bars.              

Butter Biscuit was the first bar I tried, namely because the pack of miniatures contained duplicates of this bar, the Chopped Hazelnut, and the Yogurt. The bar is what it says it is:  a square-shaped shortbread biscuit baked in butter surrounded on all sides by Ritter Sport's usual 30% milk chocolate blend.  Ritter claims the biscuit was organic on their web site.  I doubt it -- there'd be a mention in big bold font on the wrapper.  41% of the bar is comprised of the biscuit.        

The Butter Biscuit bar is one of those combinations totaling more than the sum of its individual parts.  1 + 1 really equals 3 here.  Ritter Sport's Alpine Milk 30% milk chocolate blend did not receive high honors at the Chocolate Republic. I found that bar much too sweet.  If I were able to indulge in the shortbread biscuit part of this bar without the chocolate, I can already assess it to be average.  So how can a milk chocolate bar I rated a 6.0 on its own plus an average-tasting biscuit (5.0) yield a bar rating of 6.5?          

For the same reason you can't get enough Kit Kat bars.  Kit Kats the world over are made from mediocre cocoas combined with subpar wafers.  Together, however, they work taste magic in your mouth, making Kit Kat one of the world's best selling confectionaries.  A crunchy biscuit which is good enough combined with milk chocolate which is good enough can oftentimes produce a bar that is more than good enough. Therein you have Ritter Sport's magic formula, practiced with this bar since 1998.        

Ritter Sport's Butter Biscuit is the snack bar you grab off the shelf when you're in a hurry and can't find anything better.  You know you're in for a good time, but don't expect any excitement.         

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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