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Chocolove Cherry Almond
Posted: 9 September 2014    8.0 
Chocolove Cherry Almond from USA Chocolove is not a bean-to-bar manufacturer.  Chocolove imports the chocolate from France or Belgium and fashions it into tasty bars of differing cocoa solid content, filling, and flavors.  Who cares? The Belgian chocolate, whoever originally made it, is remarkably smooth.
Avg price/gram: USD 0.028   Cocoa %: 55  Size: 90g   

I had a good feeling about Chocolove even before I opened up the wrapper. Just take a look at the wrapper, and you don't want to open it up!  It's designed like a post card sent to you from Chocolove.  The "postage stamp" in the top right tells you what's inside (cherries, almonds, dark chocolate) and the franking stamp tells you the origin of the chocolate (Belgium).        

With some bars, you have trouble finding out the exact percentage of cocoa solids contained within.  Chocolove makes sure there's no doubt.  The front wrapper of this Cherry Almond bar has 55% featured no less than three times.

Chocolove is a privately held operation from Boulder, Colorado, not far from where OptoJay, the bearer of this bar and many others, hails from. It was founded by Timothy Moley in 1996 and was purported to be the first chocolate operator in the US to indicate the cocoa solid content on each bar.  I won't bother doublechecking that fact. 

Chocolove is not a bean-to-bar manufacturer.    Instead, Chocolove imports the chocolate from France or Belgium and fashions it into tasty bars of differing cocoa solid content, filling, and flavors.   Moley is proud to say that he still cares where the cocoa from the original producers is sourced.  The  back of this bar specified that it was certified by IMO Switzerland as "For Life," meaning that the cocoa was farmed in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.   You have to read that back label carefully.  Only 20% of the cocoa in the bar is "For Life" certified.  Does that mean the other 80% is farmed in a socially irresponsible and unsustainable manner.  You'd have to ask Moley.        

Who cares?  Chocolove is doing something right.  This Cherry Almond bar in dark chocolate is absolutely delicious. There are ample tastes of Michigan cherries and dry roasted California almonds in every bite, a wonderful flavorful combination.  And the Belgian chocolate, whoever originally made it, is remarkably smooth.   I found this chocolate to have a more memorable taste than the chocolate from Chuao and it costs less than half the price per gram.            

Moley wants his Chocolove bars to be a gift of love.  For the last eighteen years, he's been eating two chocolate bars per day.  For my part, I can say I loved the gift, and if I had access to the brand at these prices, I'd be joining Moley on this twice daily habit of chocolate consumption.        

Xoxoxo.   8.0.   8.0.   8.0.     The Chocolate Republic   

P.S. Chocolove includes a (non-pornographic) love poem inside each wrapper.  The least I can do is include my own poem here, summarizing the information Chocolove includes on the back label of the bar:      

Michigan cherries and dry roasted nuts
In Belgian dark chocolate farmed near African huts
Combine in your mouth for a flavor sensation
Deserving of squeals and a standing ovation
Thanks, Chocolove, for a gift that's first class
I'll eat two every day till they schedule my bypass

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