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Equal Exchange Mint 
Posted: 29 January 2015    7.0
Equal Exchange Mint from USA Equal Exchange pulls an original. They use 67% chocolate and fill it with peppermint crisps. It's a reinvention of the same old mint bar of chocolate infused with mint oil.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.041   Cocoa %: 67  Size: 100g   

After eating two ultra cheap German Bellarom bars, it was nice to raise the quality level up many notches with an Equal Exchange.       

I reviewed my first Equal Exchange bar, their milk chocolate, four months ago when OptoJay showed up in Bangkok with is wife and over a dozen chocolate bars.  This Equal Exchange Mint bar is the last of OptoJay's treasure chest for me to review.        

To resummarize, Equal Exchange is a cooperative.  Everyone working for the company owns an equal share. The name of the cooperative used and the country is mentioned on the back label -- in this case, the Conacado Co-op in the Dominican Republic.  Equal Exchange sources all the ingredients, all of which are organic and Fairtrade, and has an unnamed company in Switzerland turn the ingredients into organic bars which Equal Exchange sells mainly in the American market.  Call them a virtual chocolate company, if you will.         

I'm not normally a big fan of mint bars.  Few companies do them well.  The mint flavoring can have a cheap taste or be too overpowering or not well balanced with the chocolate itself.  The better mint bars have been higher cocoa solid bars.  Green & Black's Mint is one of the better mints I've reviewed, but it was not your typical mint bar.  It was a mint fondant filling inside dark 70%  chocolate.        

Equal Exchange pulls their own original stunt, too. They use 67% chocolate and fill it with peppermint crisps. It's a reinvention of the same old mint bar of chocolate infused with mint oil.         

Equal Exchange and companies like it are on a mission you want to chew on.  They pay and treat the farmers well, use organic ingredients, and sell the final product at a price you can actually afford.  Open up your mouth and your wallet if you get the chance.           

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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