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Tesco Madagascan 71% Dark 
Posted: 24 February 2015    8.0 
Tesco Madagascan 71% Dark from UK This Madagascan 71% Dark, infused with mango and passion fruit flavors, really blew me away.  What a coup! Ritzy high percentage cocoa from Madagascar tempered by the tastes of tropical fruits. Why the hell haven't so-called chocolate specialist manufacturers been doing this?    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.023   Cocoa %: 71  Size: 100g  British chocolate 

How many times have you heard that today is a great time to be alive?  Or that it's the worst time to be alive?  Of course, you wouldn't hear them in the same sentence. Someone will be trying to prove one point and say you couldn't possibly be born at a better time.  Another will be try to prove another point by saying that now is absolutely the worst time.        

We all know why it's the worst time.   Lack of job security, global warming, globalization, cruel elites, world financial crisis, teenaged pregnancy, low motility sperms, and the list goes on.         

What about reasons for it being the best time?  I bet you haven't heard this one: grocery store conglomerates have seen the profit benefits in having in-house brands, so they contract out with legitimate chocolate manufacturers to produce store-branded versions at kick ass prices.  Back when I was a kid, the best stores could do was generics.  You'd buy a chocolate bar or a bag and it would be packed in nondescript white cardboard and read CHOCOLATE or BAG.  The prices may have been kick ass, but the quality inside was very uninspiring.            

You have to wonder why it took Tesco this long to start spitting out the brand name chocolates.  Tesco was founded in 1919 and currently enjoys about £70bn in revenue. They've had the muscle for decades to do this.  And they do it well.  In the past I sampled their organic Ecuadorean Milk and Dark   I wouldn't have to be threatened to eat these bars again.         

But it's this Madagascan 71% Dark, infused with mango and passion fruit flavors, that really blew me away.  I've eaten plenty of 70% chocolates on the Chocolate Republic, too many to mention them all.  Most recently, I sampled the Fearless Hibiscus Flower Ginger Root and Jacquot Dark Chocolate, both with a similar amount of cocoa solids, both more expensive, and both considerably worse,  Tesco blows them both away -- plus many another more expensive 70%+ bar I've tried.       

What a coup!   Ritzy high percentage cocoa from Madagascar tempered  by the tastes of tropical fruits.  Why the hell haven't so-called chocolate specialist manufacturers been doing this?      

My only complaint?  My friend Bald A brought this bar back from England, but he only brought maybe a third of the bar for me to sample.  I could have gone without some of the other rubbish he brought back, like Bellarom, and munched on a whole one of these instead.  Thailand is a tropical country, and people living here should be eating chocolate with tropical flavors.  What the f--k was he thinking?     


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