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Title Category Published Summary Link
A Few Days In Hakone Japan 2013-06-25 Doug visits all the hot spots and even some of the cold spots in the hot springs and mountain village of Hakone, Japan. Click
Hyatt Regency Hakone Japan 2013-06-24 Doug shows off his suite at the Hyatt Regency in the mountain and hot springs resort area of Hakone, Japan Click
Scenes Around Tokyo Japan 2013-06-22 A greatest hits selection of Tokyo`s wonders are visited, savored, and gorgeously explained: Harajuku, its savory crepes, Omotesando, the Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, and Sensoji Temple. Click
Grand Hyatt Tokyo In Chic Roppongi Hills Japan 2013-06-21 Doug gives a tour of his hotel room at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in chic Roppongi Hills, marveling at how his needs have been anticipated. Click
Tokyo Disneyland Japan 2013-06-21 Doug visits 115-acre Tokyo Disneyland, his fourth Disney resort. Click
My Very Own Tuk Tuk Thailand 2013-04-22 Tired of the same old cars and motorbikes everyone else is driving in Bangok, Doug considers purchasing his very own tuk tuk. Click
Driver`s Licenses and License Plate Extensions In The Kingdom of Thailand Thailand 2013-03-20 Doug acquires a Thai driver`s license and motorcycle license and spends a day at the Department of Land Transport to extend the license plates on his motorbike Click
Seeking Startup Funding In Bangkok Thailand 2013-03-20 Doug attends a meeting of venture capitalists at Hubba in Bangkok, seeking the lucrative funding for his revolutionary penis enlargement simulator device. Click
The Original Swensen`s Of San Francisco chocolate 2012-10-04 Doug visits the original Swensen`s in Russian Hill (San Francisco) that Earle Swensen set up in 1948 Click
The Little Orchard That Could: Seedling Farm general 2012-09-17 Doug visits a Michigan orchard and the 100+ year old home on its premises Click

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