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You know how much time I've wasted crafting brilliant newsletters in the past?  Less time than you probably spend in front of the boob tube or on YouTube, but still a lot of time. Few people subscribed to my genius e-newsletters, and of those that tried, today's double opt-in requirements and people's laziness effectively meant that no one really joined up.  Maybe you enjoy writing newsletters that only you read back to yourself.  I'd rather be sitting in front of the boob tube or YouTube.  Go to your favorite search engine, do a search for "newsletters to waste your time joining," and select one to subscribe to among the millions that show up.  


This is Doug's Republic, the frontier for Doug Knell's unique state of mind. Get insights, get travel advice, from Douglas Knell. Right now we cover Australia and Thailand in depth for travel tips. But you can get insights from Doug Knell about other topics like baldness and outsourcing. Doug Knell knows nothing, but he can tell you a lot about nothing. After all this Doug's Republic, the one frontier for Doug Knell's unique state of mind. 

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I don't really expect too many people to end up on this page or any of Doug's Republic's pages.  I may be wrong on that expectation, and this page may eventually be flooded with eager visitors wishing to thank me or flame me. 

Rather than contact me directly with a comment, I'd appreciate it all the more if you just left that comment on the appropriate page.

If leaving your comments on a specific web page isn't ideal, then kindly fill out the form below.  You'll have some idea from the tone of your contact whether to anticipate a response. 



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