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Hey, pricks.  You and your porn ilk sure liked spamming the s--t out of my site, didn't you?  I put a stop to that by deleting the wonderful forums database, full of a lot of juicy porn links stuffed there by porn spammers.  Sorry guys, those links are no more.  Yep, Doug's Republic is done being your porn stomping ground.   You could enjoy the site for the wealth of kick ass content that's been painstakingly accumulated -- or just get the hell out of here.  Take your pick.

I'm not done yet, spammer!   As you fill your soul with deliciously wicked porn, it's important you keep your pH levels balanced and detox yourselves of heavy metals.  Go here to get that problem under control.  Inquire about special pricing -- or don't.   We don't care!!!

Adios a-holes. 



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