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Beaches Of Thailand

"People always visited a beach or two when they came to Thailand.  But after Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the abysmal movie, The Beach, in the year 2000, coming to Thailand without visiting a beach virtually became illegal."  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic

The beaches of Thailand.  Everyone dreams of lounging on one, eating pad thai on one, drinking a Singha on one, and perhaps sleeping with an illicit companion on one.  Leonardo DiCaprio's character in The Beach did all of the above. 

Thailand has some splendid beachside locales and islands, from elite and secluded to public and overdeveloped.  There's no way we can list every Thai beach that's worth a visit, and if we did, you'd have no time to visit them all, even if you lived in Thailand.

Thailand beaches

What better place to look cool?

(Some Of) Thailand's Best Beaches

What makes a great beach?  In Thailand, it's not the texture of the sand, but the 'scene' that comes along with it.  One thing is for sure.  Even on Thailand's relatively developed beaches, the development is nowhere near what you'd see in Florida or California or Spain's Costa del Sol. 

Thailand has two different coasts.   The western is the beautiful Andaman Coast, full of exotic rockscapes and some of Thailand's most prized island getaways.  The eastern is the Gulf of Thailand coast.  The resort island of Koh Samui and the dive island of Koh Tau are located on this side.   In general, the Andaman Coast is more expensive. 

There are no shortage of sites willing to tell you of Thailand's finest beaches.  Bugbog has their list. About has theirs Beach Thailand has a comprehensive map and pictures of some Thailand's more famous beaches.   

As Doug's Republic is all about Doug's point of view first, we mention those other sites out of courtesy.  It's what Doug says that matters in these parts.  Below, Doug sets out some of the beaches he's personally visited and the unique aspect of each, acknowledging that this nothing close to a fully comprehensive list.    He doesn't care one iota if you agree or disagree with him.   

Surfing.    If you're coming to Thailand for other reasons and just happen to want to surf while here, no problem.  There are lame opportunities for surfing in Phuket, Khao Lak, Koh Chang, Rayong.   Generally, you would not want to fly all the way to Thailand from wherever you are from just for surfing.   Thailand is not a world-class surfing destination by any means.  You can view tide charts of Thailand's potential surfing destinations by visiting here.

  Beach Location Unique Aspect
Hua Hin beach Hua Hin  Hua Hin More developed than it's ever been, but still relatively undeveloped by Western standards, Hua Hin remains mostly a Thai beach resort, full of spas and chic beachside cafes.   Dpending on how you classify city limits, the beach stretches over 5 km from the southern Takiap area fringed by Casuarana and palm trees all the way up to the King's summer palace's private beach.   Beautiful beachline continues dozens of kilometers beyond.
Ao Nang  Ao Nang  Krabi vicinity The beach destination around Krabi which sees the most traffic.  To be sure, parts of Ao Nang are overbuilt and gaudy but its easy access to tasty restaurants and beautiful boat trips to islands in the Andaman scores it winning points  
Hat Tien  Hat Tien  Koh Phangan The beach itself isn't anything amazing, but the scene which thrives here is.   The establishment of the Sanctuary here attracts a number of travelers who return year after year to this remote beach accessible only boat. 
Khao Lak  Khao Lak Phang Nga Andaman Coastal gem with small undeveloped town.  The beach was hit badly in the 2004 tsunami which claimed over 4,000 lives, including the King's autistic grandson. 
Sai Noi  Sai Noi Khao Tao (Hua Hin)  Nicknamed by Doug and company "The Magic Beach."   Sai Noi is a 20-minute motorbike ride from Hua Hin.   Set in a small cove, surrounded by beautiful rocks and a large Buddha on one end, the beach is not often crowded and offers a relaxing weekend getaway.
Hat Yuan  Hat Yuan Koh Phangan Adjacent to Hat Tien via a narrow pathway, this beach offers affordable accommodation and a very relaxed beach scene.  A 5 km mountain path takes one to Haad Rin, Koh Phangan's unofficial capital and site of the Full Moon debaucheries held each month. 
Pakbia Island  Pakbia Island  Krabi vicinity  Pakbia Island features a wonderfully picturesque beach, swings, and trees.  The island is so small it's impossible for beach hordes to amass on it.   Island tours from Ao Nang usually stop here. 
Tung Wa Laen  Tung Wa Laen  Chumphon 14 km north of Chumphon on the Gulf of Thailand, this beach doesn't get a lot of visitors outside the November-December kitesurfing crowds.
Karon Beach  Karon  Phuket  Well traveled tourist beach area in well touristed Phuket, on the island's southwest coast off the AndamanSea, but not as built up as neighboring Patong.   Nice sunsets, decent restaurants, and ample accommodation possibilities.
Railay Beach Railay Krabi vicinity Once a backpacker haven but now going upmarket, Railay's unspoiled charm can be attributed to boat access only.  Doug and his loved ones kayaked here from Ao Nang for Greek salads and snorkeling.


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