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Thailand Bus Travel

"Buying a bus ticket in Thailand is different than buying a bus ticket anywhere else.  In Thailand, the ticket sellers speak Thai and the tickets are printed in Thai.  Everywhere else, the people speak and the tickets are printed in every other language but Thai. "  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic

Like any new experience in life, buying a bus ticket in Thailand for the first time can feel overwhelming.  Doug's Republic walks you through it, in 8 easy steps.  Rehearse in front a mirror before attempting this at a real bus station.


Step 1: Arrive at bus station using your most preferred transportation method

Step 2: Walk confidently into bus station

bus ticket Thailand
Step 3:  Examine your wallet.  Is there enough cash in there? If not and you're European, bill price to your welfare state

bus in Thailand
Step 4:  Approach bus ticket counter with wallet positioned in front of body in gesture of spendwill

buying bus tickets
Step 5:  Hand cash to bus ticket agent.  Don't expect them to have change.

bus station Thailand
Step 6:  Receive tickets and change, if they have any or you warrant any; give thanks and a smile in return

Thailand bus schedule
Step 7:  Take a snooze.  Bus could be 1 hour to 1 day late.  

bus Thailand
Step 8:  When bus finally arrives, get on it!

Failure to follow steps 3 and 8 thoroughly are what cause the lion's share of problems.  Not examining your wallet in step 3 could lead to ultimate disaster in step 5 when you're supposed to hand cash to the ticket agent.  What if you've been pickpocketed or not changed enough money into Thai baht.  Step 8 is usually applied by all, though incorrectly.  You're supposed to step onto your bus, not just any bus that finally arrives.  Failure to adequately apply step 8 could mean you'll wind up in the tiny town of Sri Chiang Mai when your true destination was the bustling northern town of Chiang Mai.

Follow the eight-step method!



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  Take a bus in Thailand. Get your ticket and go to the station for a bus ticket