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This website is completely funded by Doug Knell. It's his time and energy, blood, sweat, and tears that went into this, and he'd like to damn well be rewarded for it.

There are two ways you can reward him. The first: visit the site and delight in his amazing content. The second: pay him outright, as a client would pay a prostitute.  Let's make everyone feel better and call it a donation. Don't worry. It'll go to a good cause. Doug has yachts, planes, and fancy sports cars he wishes to buy.
It wouldn't hurt the house to have a 60-inch flat panel television. (50-inch plasma set recently obtained).  Luxury vacations and silk toilet paper would also be appreciated.

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Who is Doug Knell?


What's he accomplished?


Then why visit Doug's Republic?

Finally, a decent question. What are you doing here?


Doug is a nobody, all right.  He's done and accomplished nothing, but when you visit here, he offers you the unconditional guarantee that he won't help you do and accomplish anything either. 

Now that's a tremendous promise.  Doug proposes to offer you nothing in exchange for nothing, whereas most everywhere else you turn, people are offering what amounts to nothing in exchange for something.  The more grandiose the promise, the more somethings you have to pay, and you'll still probably wind up with nothing at the end of it all.   Doug Knell hopes your visit to the Republic enriches you on multiple levels, but he's definitely not going to promise you that. 

Doug's Republic has a place on the map because Doug knows, like you, what it's like to spend all evening romancing a girl, and then 5 minutes before the bar closes, be told that she found you really charming, but she'd rather give her number to the professional gigolo who just walked in.  Doug, like you, has handed his money to a broker only to wind up broker.   Like you, he's swung the bat a third time and, rather than hit a home run, struck out and had his teammates call him a loser. 

You'll quickly find that you and Doug have so much in common.  Are you an actor who's auditioned for role after role and never gotten any?  So has Doug.  Written novels and screenplays that have gathered dust on shelves for years and then been shredded?  So has Doug.   Meticulously composed songs with ornate arrangements, lyrics, and backing harmonies that people mock because you've used a drum machine?  So has Doug.   Started companies that got about as much momentum behind them as a 1980 Oldsmobile Omega with its engine and tires removed?  So has Doug.  Done jobs that killed more brain cells in minutes than marijuana and alcohol kill in years?  So has Doug.   Been told that you have to earn good grades to get into a good school so you could land a good job so that you could obtain good money and then realized, too late, that the joke's on you?  This is uncanny. So has Doug!

A visit to Doug's Republic is like a visit to a long lost friend, a friend who's done all the serious thinking about issues you wouldn't want to tax your mind over but are glad to consider after he's done all the thinking for you. 

Here you'll learn such tremendously valuable things as:

•  Is baldness really beautiful?
•  Just how much of an egomaniac was Saddam Hussein?
•  Why it's your fault your job just got outsourced to China or Cambodia
•  How a quarter of the world fights with another quarter of the world to control half the world

Doug Knell's world

Besides setting up his own Republic, Doug can make the claim he's visited around 65 others.  The world's truly Doug's little oyster, and Doug intends to share his experiences with you if you actually ever come back here again.  Doug has started with Australia and Thailand, two countries he's been to relatively recently where he can provide up-to-date facts, on-the-spot pics, movies, and real life embellished stories.  After experiencing the countries online, Doug style, you'll feel like you've already been there and can save the money you would have otherwise spent to visit.  How's that for value?

And Doug doesn't stop there.  Let Doug take you into the world of high- and crap-quality chocolates with the Chocolate Republic.  Drunkards beware and relish in the articles and reviews of the zero-awarded Beer Republic.

Welcome to Doug's Republic.  Don't Get Deported!